Silence Of Nelson Mandela Haunting

The silence of Nelson Mandela on the crisis in Zimbabwe has disturbed many of his admirers who regard him as the moral voice of south Africa. He fought for the rights of all people in his struggle to end white rule in South Africa, but has been strangely silent during the brutal events in Zimbabwe. William Gumede, a political analyst notes, “every voice is needed now. And, Mr. Mandela’s is one that can hardly be bettered in terms of m oral authority.” Some believe he has hesitated speaking because President Mugabe of Zimbabwe hates him and will only do the opposite of what Mandela says.

Another reason may be his loyalty to President Mbeki of South Africa who succeeded him in office. Mandela has hesitated expressing disagreement and, except for the HIV crisis in 2000, has not make negative remarks about his successor. However, the crisis in Zimbabwe requires every voice to be heard. Mbeki’s behavior has been disgusting and lacking in any concern for the oppressed voices of the Zimbabwean people.

  • DWMF

    Nobody has hit on the real reason why Mugabe has been allowed by the rest of the African leaders to lay waste Zimbabwe: what has been happening in the Congo for the past 10 to 15 years.

    The Congo has been systematically pillaged of its natural and mineral resources by nearly all of the rest of black Africa.

    Quote: “Uganda and Rwanda, who support the rebels fighting the Congolese regime in Kinshasa, as well as allies of President Laurent-Desire Kabila – Angola, Namibia and Zimbabwe – have had no qualms about helping themselves to the riches in territories under their control.

    Unconfirmed sources in Kinshasa say each allied country makes off with whatever valuable materials that exist in its sector. The Ugandans and Rwandans plunder gold, diamonds, coffee and wood, the Zimbabweans diamonds and copper, and the Angolans, oil.

    According to the Diamond Office, a division of the Belgian customs bureau which exclusively oversees the import and export of diamonds, Uganda, Rwanda and Zimbabwe have become exporters of diamond, although not one mine exists on their own soil.

    Statistics for last July published by the Diamond Office show that Zimbabwe exported 19 000 carats worth of diamonds, Rwanda 1 500, and Uganda 11 000.

    The government in Kinshasa says the Ugandans and Rwandans seized 185 216 carats worth of diamonds and 447 kilogrammes of gold during the first eight months of the war.”

    If Mugabe goes down he will sing like a birdie, and that the other African leaders do NOT want.

    The plunder from the gang-rape of Congo’s resources is propping up the economies of all the aforementioned countries. Understandably, they do not want it to stop.

    For my source quote, google for the link and open the _Cached_ content, for the main link has been removed. Or google for “Congo pillage” and you will see plenty of evidence.

    So in short, they’re all in it together. Mad Bob the Murdering Bastard (a better name for him than just “Crazy Bob”) is being backed up for fear he might grass them all up.

    Also, another reason why Mandela and Mbeki are silent is that the political repercussions of exposure might destroy the Organization of African Unity; this is a much bigger scandal than Saddam’s “Oil for Food”.