Silence Of Syria May Be Broken

Syria has remained on the outer fringes of demonstrations which are sweeping Arab nations of the Middle East. The country has been under control of the Assad family for over forty years and when these people make comments about keeping people quiet, they back up their whispers with the sound of artillery blasting away at those who dare to resist authority. For the first time in decades, thousands gathered not only to remember those who died last week for daring to openly express disagreement with the president, but to express desire for a more democratic regime. Several people were killed on orders of President Bashar Al-Assad who brooks no dissent in his nation, and people had better grasp it is HIS nation. Those at funerals shouted, “Revolution, Revolution, God, Syria, Freedom. Whoever kills his own people is a traitor.”

Many Syrians are furious at the arrest of fifteen children who wrote slogans on the walls after being inspired by revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Bashar did live in England for several years, one wonders if he still remembers what it is like to be in a free country.