Silence Of Syrians And World

The latest figures from Human Rights Watch and UN sources is that 191,367 people of Syria have died in the current civil war. It is unclear how many other hundreds of thousands are wounded or forced to live under miserable conditions, not only in Syria, but in other nations since they have lost homes and property. The ravages of war spare no one–but it is always true that innocent people bear the burden of this tragedy. For the past few years as civil war has engulfed Syria, one question is constantly in my mind:

1. Where are Muslim religious figures? Why haven’t religious leaders in the Muslim world organized to protest the tragedy?

2. If Israel kills 2,000, a furious outburst of anger is heard in every Muslim nation, but if Muslims kill 191,367 only silence is heard?

For me, the death of a single Muslim is horrible,but for some strange reason no such feelings are common in the world of Muslims? I am certain that 99% of Muslims care about fellow Muslims but for some reason they do not become public protesters. I am simply asking: WHY THE SILENCE?