Silence Of The Vatican!

The record of the Catholic Church in World War II was rather mixed with examples of great heroism on the part of some priests and indifference on the part of many others. The behavior of Pope Pius XIi during the Holocaust remains a source of dispute, but most evidence suggests he could have done more than he did. Czech Roma groups are shocked at the indifference of Pope Benedict XII to the rampant prejudice against them in the Czech Republic. Roma spokesman, Vaclav Miko of the Roma Realia, commented: “we are witness of a historical moment when Rommanies are being betrayed by the Vatican in the form of silence and no statements, although the head of the Catholic Church is now on a visit to the Czech Republic.”

The movement has attempted to meet with the Pope in order to discuss issues of bigotry and oppression, but they have yet to achieve that form of dialogue. Once more the silence of the Catholic Church damages the lives of innocent people.

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