Silence Or No Sex

Among the oldest professions among humans is that of prostitution. For centuries women have been engaged in business activities  centered around their sexual prowess. Some women sell their bodies, a lot of men sell their souls for money, but society is more concerned about female prostitution than businessmen prostitution. Sex workers employed at a brothel in Istanbul are protesting the closing of six business establishments in their neighborhood by authorities on ground that sex workers illegally advertised their wares and verbally called out to potential customers. Apparently verbal comments linked with display of bodies is not Kosher in the sex  business.

Women complain that sex is their business and shutting down brothels only results in unemployment and poverty. The also charge the government of Turkey ceased issuing new  certificates for prostitution which forces many women to work illegally.

We suggest to women they incorporate themselves, hire lobbyists and sell whatever they darn well please. McDonalds sells food that causes more  worry than  the sale of any body.