Silent Protests In Russia Avoid Beating

Putin Russia is a land in which the idea of protest is best accomplished by standing quietly with tape over one’s mouth in order to avoid providing the police an opportunity to halt the protest on ground that individuals are using foul language against authorities. Human rights activists in St. Petersburg decided the only way to express their ideas concerning police brutality was to stand silently with mouths taped and holding signs stating their anger at the manner in which Russian police handle such things as trying to express dissent in the land of Putin where authority is, by definition, always correct. In Putin Russia one needs permission from authorities in order to express feelings about authority unless, of course, one agrees with authority. In that case, feel free to express whatever is on your mind.

Several people in St. Petersburg stood about 20 meters from one another holding signs saying, “I came to hold a one person demo protest against police” which for some reason provoked police to assault the protestors. One day, Russia will have a government in which there truly is freedom of speech–without the tape on one’s mouth.