Silent The Media In Egypt!

Hundreds of “supporters of President Mubarak” are roaming the streets of Cairo attacking anyone who is against the government, but their main focus appears to be members of the foreign press who are reporting events in Egypt. There are conflicting reports concerning the attitude of the Egyptian military; in some cases they are rescuing reporters who are being assaulted, in other cases they are arresting and detaining them. A Turkish reporter claimed he had been kidnapped by Mubarak supporters only to be rescued by soldiers. Greek reporter, Petros Papaconstantinou claimed, “I was spotted by Mubarak supporters. They beat me with batons on the head.” AP reporters have described being attacked or their equipment seized by Mubarak men. The government has closed the Cairo offices of Al-Jazeera but it insists it welcomes objective reporting, not attacks on the government that lack foundation.

Who are these people we now term, “Mubarak supporters?” Why have they suddenly emerged? How come many are riding horses or are on camels? The US State Department issued a statement complaining about a “campaign to intimidate foreign journalists.” Hosni is clinging to power despite the need for a true Egyptian patriot to turn over control to a coalition government. Hosni, ye have tarried too long, DEPART!