Silent World Is Blind To Horror In Darfur

Darfur still attracts celebrities and the concerned who would like to do something for the oppressed people of that region, but, overall, the media increasingly ignores events in the war-torn corner of Africa. President Bush will relent in his opposition to “terrorism,” but after the required statements of concern, Darfur receives scant attention from the bold leader in the fight to end militants and murderers. UN officials describe the Darfur situation as spinning out of control and on the verge of all-out war, but, no nation appears willing to do anything other than express “concern.” Steven Spielberg shocked China by pulling out of the Olympics due to their Darfur policy, but the only response was for the Chinese government to boast it has sent 321 engineers to clean up the mess.

Eric Reeves, writing in the Sudan Tribune, blasted the silence of the lambs of neutrality. “And still, there is no international action remotely commensuare with these extraordinary dire accounts. On the contrary, we see only continued posturing and pleading, even as the lives of many hundreds of thousands of civilians in Darfur and Chad have moved into the cross-hairs of a sweeping new offensive by Khartoum’s National Islamic Front regime.”

The Sudan government is now attempting to destabilize Chad by backing rebel attacks in order to deprive Darfur refugees a sanctuary of peace from the continued brutality of Khartoum. UN and African Union attempts to alleviate conditions have been hampered at every step of the way by Sudan obstruction. Over 3 million are displaced. Muslims rise up in anger if Israel attacks result in the death of several people, but where is Muslim anger at the slaughter in Darfur? Is the “refugee problem” of Darfur of concern to people who never cease complaining about “refugee problems?” I do not mean to denigrate problems suffered by Palestinian refugees, but there is hypocrisy in the Arab press which launches no program to spark protests about Darfur refugees.

A Human Rights Watch observer witnessed an attack on the village of Saraf Jidad, a town of 15,000. “The attacks were carried out by Janjaweed militia and Sudanese ground troops supported by attack helicopters and aerial bombardment.” China has been selling helicopters to the Sudan, but, they have sent the 321 engineers. The hypocrisy of George Bush’s crusade against terrorism is blatantly exposed in Darfur. One suspects a divison of Marines could wipe out the Janjaweed. But, most probably, the best people of Darfur can expect is a concert to raise money.