Sillvio Berlusconi And The Politics Of Sex

There are those who read novels or attend movies in order to partake of their interest in sexual activities, and there are those who simply follow the daily news reports on the life and activities of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy. The latest sex episode involves charges filed by Milan police which claim the prime minister had sexual relations with a 17 year old girl from Morocco. Karima El Mahroug, had run away from her parents and was arrested in May on suspicion of robbery. Phone calls from important people led to her release and she was placed under the supervision of Nicole Minetti, a former showgirl who became the dental hygenist of Prime Minister Berlusconi and subsequently ran for Parliament. Are you following this nutty story? Ms. Minetti is under investigation on suspicion of abetting prostitution. Berlusconi’s lawyer claims the entire matter is an example of “a very serious interference in the private life of an individual.” His supporters insist there is a vendetta by some politicians and newspapers to smear his reputation.

We are confused as to whether the “reputation” being smeared refers to the sexual activities on his estates in which prostitutes and women seeking rewards for their services are notable guests. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court of Italy ruled the prime minister could not excused from criminal accusations because he serves in a government position. One must admit, Silvio certainly has a great reputation, the problem is exactly which reputation is refers to.