Silvio Behind Bars??

There is a land, far far away that is ruled by Mitt Romney, unfortunately Mitt does not go by Mitt in that land, but employs the name of Silvio. After all, Silvio does not deride the bottom 47% of loafers, from his perspective the figure is more like 97%. He robs from those below in order to profit those above drawing upon tax codes which ensure if you have money, that money will not be headed to Rome. Ordinarily, Silvio does not worry about judges or prosecutors or any government official, he is a law unto himself.

However, a Milan court convicted him of illegal publication of wiretapped conversations and sentenced him to one year in prison. His brother also was sentenced to jail. But, this is Italy. So, you were convicted of a crime, so what, please serve as prime  minister of the country. OK, you are charged with tax fraud, so what. We doubt Silvio  would spend a day in jail anymmore than Mitt would spend a day discussing the reality of American economics