Silvio Berlusconi, Would Be Strong Man, Launches New Italian Party

Silvio Berlusconi stunned the italian nation by dissolving the largest political party, Forza Italia, in order to form a new political organization. Italy’s richest man who controls large segments of the media told his supporters, “The time has come. today a great new party is officially born. the people are ahead of us and they demand it. Cast away hesitation and fear. Enough of wig-wearers and professional politicians. We have collected seven and a half million signatures and only half of those come from supporters of Forza Italia. That’s the demonstration that there is no reason to wait any longer.” Berlusconi has been working for over a year to bring down the government of Romano Prodi which defeated him in 2006. Berlusconi is attempting a huge public relations pitch to create a sense that Italy is headed toward some disastrous future and only a strong man like himself can save it. This attitude comes across as resembling the Benito Mussolini march on Rome in the twenties which paved the way for the man with a big mouth to become dictator of Italy.

The last thing Italy needs is another strong man type leader who will use his control over the media to ensure a permanent victory for his political party. Even the Fascist party has rejected Berlusconi, but he remains dangerous since he has TV and newspapers to propogate his views.