Silvio Can’t Quiet Constitutional Court

Silvio Berlusconi is the Italian male version of Sarah Palin. He can’t utter two words without proving to the world that his brain is in constant conflict with a part of his body found down below. While his mouth always ejects words of boasting and insults to those opposing him, the lower extremity ordinarily is cocked and ready for action, just produce a pretty body. Palin rants about “liberals” out to get her, Silvio rants about judges out to get him. The Italian Constitutional Court declared illegal a law Silvio pushed through the legislature which allows members of the Cabinet to secure an exemption from appearing in court to face criminal charges. Berlusconi currently is facing three charges in Milan, including bribing a lawyer to give false testimony. Naturally, Silvio is upset. Who ever got the idea that SILVIO should appear in any court to face any charges!

The world will watch events in Italy. Will its government finally display a sense of constitutionalism? Or, will Silvio once again disappear into his villa for some further nights of sex and fun?