Silvio Dominates Italian Lives

Americans can not avoid seeing on TV or reading newspaper stories about the alleged Muslim African background of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, but Italians have a far different problem. Journalist Maris Rodote complains of the non-ending stories about Prime Minister Silvio Berluscon’s sexual escapades. “I feel trapped. I try to get on with my life but he finds me anywhere.” If she goes to the office, someone is telling a joke about the prime minister, if she turns on TV he is pontificating about the media which is out to get him, Of course, when one has a billion dollars including ownership of newspapers and TV stations there is a tendency for the media to proclaim he is a victim of left wingers–and, most probably, of Muslim fundamentalists. Numerous stories have emerged of sex parties at his villas in which teenage girls were present including some who claim they were sent away with thousands of liras in their pockets.

Perhaps his propensity for sexual contacts with females is finally backfiring. There are undoubtedly still millions who mutter, “men will be men.” Of course these same people would never say, “women will be women.” He is a man of firmness, he is a man who stands upright, and he is a man who does not need Viagra.