Silvio Has A Plan!

There is great news from Italy since Silvio Berlusconi has promised the people of that nation he will once again run for a leadership role in the Italian government. To make the news even better, Silvio has assured one and all that he has a plan. Latest news from Italy reveals that his party has already gained 3% in polls and now is favored by at least 17% of the population. Due to our fervent support for Silvio we have been able to find out some news about his PLAN.

1. From now on the Italian government will provide an escort service for any male seeking  female companionship for the day, week or month. This will be a new source of revenue for the government.

2. When Silvio throws his famous parties any Italian citizen can attend for the simple price of $100. Of course, this sum does not include fees for women at the party who are ready to provide a more intimate relationship. Money raised by this activity will reduce the Italian deficit.

3. Silvio’s media empire will provide online pictures of women whose services can be had for a nominal fee –with 40% of revenues going to the government.