Silvio–I Am The State!

Silvio Berlusconi is the wealthiest man in Italy. He controls the media, he controls the government, and he intends to control the nation forever and ever. After years of stories concerning his escapades with gorgeous young girls and alleged sex orgies, the Prime Minister has angered many members of his coalition. Italy is certainly not ready to collapse, but neither is it a model of a modern society in which there is respect for human dignity, respect for the rights of immigrants, and certainly a free media which is able to serve as an investigative force. Dozens of members of the Berlusconi coalition have left and Silvio is upset. After all, he is SILVIO, and damn it, when Silvio says something is right, believe it. He accused those who seek a new government of “Political madness” and made clear his views on parliamentary politics. “Free parliaments are called to represent and interpret the popular will, not to replace it.”

Spoken like a man who knows he is always right and he alone represents the popular will. Or, at least, his interpretation of it.