Silvio Ignores Trial

Some people who are charged with a crime would believe it advisable to show up for the hearing in order to observe what was happening, but if you are Silvio Berlusconi, the great leader of Italy and the closest ruler of that country since Julius Caesar, if you got money and power, than you decide the verdict in a trial. He has been charged with having sex with an underage girl from Morocco, but Silvio insists there is nothing to the charge but politics. After all, this is a man who attracts girls like a man with money attracts sycophants. The trial had been suspended for two months and during that interval Silvio’s political party was slaughtered in local elections which to some might indicate the people do not like his behavior. But, this is Silvio, the riches man in Italy and whose opinion counts most– the voice of the people or the voice of Berlusconi?

His lawyers insist a call by the prime minister to get the girl out of jail was simply an effort to avoid diplomatic problems. Let me get this straight. Silvio says he thought a girl from Morocco was really the niece of President Mubarak of Egypt! Huh! I wonder if Silvio would be interested in purchasing a bridge in Brooklyn from me.