Silvio Is At It Again With Female Issues!

Italy has many issues confronting the nation ranging from the world wide economic crisis to policies in dealing with immigrants, but to the prime minister, Silvio Belusconi, a high priority is the truth concerning his relationship with a beautiful young woman, Noemi Litizia. Is there something symbolic in a European leader bogged down with did he or did he not have a personal relation with a young woman? Silvio’s wife apparently believes there was something not quite kosher in her husband attending a party for the young beauty, but is this mere spite or is it founded in any factual data?

Noemi’s former boy friend, Gino Flaminio insists there was fire and not just smoke in the relationship between his ex-girl friend and the leader of Italy. There are scandals with the British parliament and the prime minister of Italy says he was “tempted” to brief parliament about his personal affairs. When will European leaders get their heads out of the muck of personal vanity and concentrate on the needs of society?