Silvio: Italy Needs You

Silvioi Berlusconi is a man for all seasons. He is a man whose body each day projects forth a firm object for the world to see. Silvio is a friend to all women, he is a friend to all forms of sexual delight and  he is a man whose virility is always available to women of any and all backgrounds. Sivlio does not harbor prejudice against a Christian or Muslim or Jewish female, all they have to do is open wide their bodies for this man who is a master of seduction. His parties, the famous, bunga, bunga, performances in which  men and women could compete in sexual prowess are famous. He is now charged with making out with some nice females, OK, so they were young, but isn’t it important to begin life under the tutelage of a man with sexual experience?

Given his capacity to fuck people, I wonder why he has not been hired by Fox News to demonstrate his abilities  on their TV outlets. After all, all Fox News shows have pert, blond, cute females who could improve their ability to speak nonsense with a session under the great Berlusconi.