Silvio –It’s Them, Not Me!

Silvio Berlusconi has at least a billion dollars to his name, but to listen to the words of Italy’s prime minister he is a victim of a nefarious plot by liberals to drive him from office simply due to his interest in the female body. Prosecutors have presented hundreds of pages of evidence which prove that he had sex relations with under-age women and attempted to halt further investigations of his behavior through use of threats on police who dared to investigate his behavior. Silvio, who felt proud driving immigrant Roma from Italy by claiming they were criminals and who felt no hesitation in using any form of method to obtain information on their activities has now become a champion of the rights of those accused by the state. In fact, he even wants to restore immunity against prosecution for members of Parliament. Silvio terms those attacking him for sex related activities as employing “jacobin and Puritan language.” k

An estimated 257 cities in Italy and around the world will hold “get rid of Berlusconi” demonstrations in an effort to get him to leave office. His response is to threaten a law suit in the International Court for Criminal Justice because evidence being used against him came from wire taps. Silvio still doe snot get the message –depart, you tin pan bully leader!