Silvio Just Loves Young Women!

Just when talk about the sexual adventures of Silvio Berlusconi had died down, my day as a writer of blogs was saved when Gianpaolo Trantini told the media he had worked for the prime minister as the man who secured prime female candidates for parties and you-know-what. He was informed by Silvio to seek out “young, slender framed and gorgeous women” who were interested in attending parties thrown by the leader of Italy.

One must admit that Silvio Berlusconi is among the few political leaders of our time who is focused on expanding wealth in his country. These girls make money, they make monied men happy and willing to spend and spend which leads to an expansion of the economy and they bring a smile to the face of Silvio, our beloved leader of the Sex World.

I realize there are malcontents who seek to put down the Leader of Italy who only wants people happy, but let’s face it–without Silvio to write about, exactly what would you write about Italy?