Silvio–Mafia Calling

Former Prime Minister Silvio Belusconi is being investigated for alleged links to the Mafia. Prosecutors claims that in the 1970s he  paid millions due to Mafia pressure with money going to Marcello Dell’Utri. Silvioi is charged with giving hush money to this man to avoid him telling the world about Mafia connections. Allegedly, he gave Marcello about $50 million. Silvioi denies these allegations.

As far as giving Marcello millions, “It was a gift. It’s not the first time I’ll give a present to an ex-manager.” I believe it is time for me to send Silvio a message accompanied by a black glove and note  I am not greedy. How about a million or so? Silvio says Marcello is a “well-bred person.” Silvio,so am I-and in spades!

Marcello and Silvio deny all these charges. Me, I would love being the object of such charges!