Silvio Offers Self To Italy

Silvio Berlusconi is a man whose heart belongs to Italy and he is willing to  assume the burden of once again leading the nation. The former  prime minister seeks to forge an alliance with right wing bigoted Northern League in order to secure sufficient votes in Parliament to crown his head with power. He insists that his alliance will garner about 40% of the vote but most polls claim it is closer to 28%. Silvio is very concerned that his beloved Italy pursue the road to fiscal discipline and economic recovery. Silvio lacks any respect for the current leader, Mario Monti, who lacks a billion dollars or wealth. How can one govern a nation unless one has proven able to accumulate gobs of money?

Of course, once again prime minister means no court can arrest Silvio for the alleged wild times he once enjoyed with females, particularly, under age ones. We are simply reporting what Others claim. We continue supporting Silvio because Italy needs a firm man, who has a firm body and, particularly, a firm upright piece of his body always ready to fire away.