Silvio, One More Time??

Silvio, Silvio, the sun rises in the morning in Italy, and so does the candidacy of Silvio Berlusconi for prime minister of the nation. The center-left Democratic Party(PD) is in a close contest with Silvio’s right wing Freedom People Party as to which group will gain the majority of votes. Silvio has promised to end property taxes, and to return any such taxes charged to the Italian people. It is estimated at least five million people are still undecided as to who should lead their nation. Silvio has been seen just about every hour on the hour on your local TV station, he promises prosperity and plenty of sex to one and all.

We in America do not have Silvio, we simply have the Republican party and its nut wing Tea Party. We suggest a trade, we will take Silvio for a few years in exchange for the Tea Party selling its tea to the people of Italy.