Silvio, Perhaps No Women For A While?

Silvio Berlusconi, champion of female rights to earn money may no longer be among us. An Italian court sentenced the billionaire to four years in jail for tax fraud. The case revolved around his attempt to purchase rights to US movies for his television network by manipulating various offshore companies in order to avoid paying taxes. Silvio denounced the sentence as simply another example of envy because he can bed any woman he desires and prosecutors are angry because they have been left out of his parties.

I suspect Mitt Romney is upset because a job creator has once again been halted by the “government.” Silvio created jobs for dozens of women, jobs  that led to high salaries and joyous romps at parties. Evil government will not recognize the entrepreneurs like Silvio are responsbile for the growth in jobs. How about placing in jail prosecutors who seek to weaken the Italian nation by throwing out of work hard working women? At least that would create jobs in the security sector of the economy.