Silvio Proves He Is Bigot

The long list of human right violations by Silvio Berlusconi continues as it was revealed anti-semitic jokes are what he enjoys when alone with friends. He cracked jokes about Jews as money grabbers and even did not think if offensive to tie in the behavior of Jews during the Holocaust. Of course, in Italy, thousands of Italian Jews lost their lives because people with attitudes like Berlusconi thought nothing much of turning them into Nazi and Fascist officials. One joke he thought funny was about a Jew during the Holocaust who made other Jews pay to hide in his home, and he never told them the war was over. Ha, Ha, Ha. If that was not sufficient, the prime minister of Italy did not believe it to be inappropriate to make jokes about the physical appearance of an Italian female member of parliament. Of course, if she had been one of the bimbos he employs to serve his sexual desires, the joke might have been on him.

A Catholic newspaper termed the remarks, “insupportable blasphemy and Jewish stereotyping.”