Silvio Ready To Switch With Muammar

Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is facing a growing rebellion in his land by those who have had enough. In Italy, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is facing four trials ranging from tax fraud to bribery to sex with underage girls, so it would not be madness on his part to switch places with the Libyan guy and deal with Libya. Silvio as the richest man in Italy made certain Parliament passed a law which granted him immunity while in office against any criminal charges, but some bozo prosecutor and court claimed the law was not constitutional.

Silvio will fight to the death against any criminal charges and work to ensure there was a time limit as to charges being made against him. Unfortunately, the charge of sex with an under-age girl has no time limit. We suggest Silvio trade places with Muammar. After all, if sex with under-age girls is a problem, it sure is not in Libya. So, Silvio, let them proceed with that trial in Tripoli.

As for the tax stuff, heck, you have the money, pay the damn fine and go on with having a good life although you only have eight instead of ten billion.

Of course, Silvio could ask Charlie Sheen to take over his case and act natural in court. That is certainly a guarantee the jury will find that Silvio is a mad man.