Silvio Serene As Debts Increase

Silvio Berlusconi is the wealthiest person in Italy and has used his power of the media to gain victory in one election after another. One would assume a man who understands how to accumulate a few billion dollars would have some knowledge about economics. Latest estimates are the Italian national debt will reach 150 percent of gross domestic product by 2017 from its current level of 128%. Silvio is not worried. He told the Italian parliament “the country is economically and financially solid.”

Silvio has not offered any financial plan to confront growing debt which could result in not being able to pay the national debt. OH, he did urge Italians to remain united and not to worry. He has absolutely no plan, no proposal, not ideas on how to deal with this economic crisis. We wonder if Silvio is simply a closet American Tea Party member who blames anyone but themselves for an economic crisis.

On the other hand, Silvio is not going to cast aside his program of seduction of the young. H enjoys women, he enjoys the company of gorgeous young women. Look at it this way, having a romp in the bed with a beautiful woman is certainly more interesting and invigorating than coming up with ideas to solve economic problems. It is much preferable to solve an economic problem by giving someone a few hundred dollars.