Silvio Shits On Italy

Silvio Berlusconi is the wealthiest man in Italy in addition to being prime minister of the country. One would assume, given his wealth and power, that he is allowed to say whatever enters his mind and the rest of the damn country can go to hell if they don’t enjoy his comments on life and the Italian way of behaving. He was captured saying in a phone conversation with a  man accused of extorting money for him, “in a few months, “I’m going away from this shitty country which makes me sick.” And, for some reason, Italian politicians are upset at their prime minister.

They simply do not grasp how upset is  Silvio when people charge him with seducing young girls in exchange for money or claim he tries to pay off those who might damage his reputation. From his perspective, if you have all this money, aren’t you entitled to complete freedom of expression? Why should the wealthy even appear in court? There is definitely something shitty when a rich and powerful man can not bribe his way to freedom! Good lord, Italy is beginning to behave like a democratic society!