Silvio, We Love You

Silvio Berlusconi is a man whose only thought in life is bringing wealth to himself and to those who can benefit from his payments of good wealth. OK, so he is the wealthiest man in Italy. That means  he is different from other Italians and has the right to certain priviliges that come with wealth. It is now several years since government officials charged him with tax evasion. If one is Silvio, being charged with a crime is somewhat different than when an ordinary citizen faces tax fraud. Silvio was convicted but when Silvio is convicted it simply is Act I in the tale of keeping a case decision open to discussion. Of course, this  discussion will go on and on for a few more years.

Silvio is challenging the court decision. Silvio was told to stay out of politics. Telling Silvio to stay out of politics is akin to asking him to forgo women and wild parties. Naturally, Silvio understands that when he is convicted of any crime it is simply a ploy to  “elimnate a political adversary.”