Silvio, We Love You!

It is unfortunate that Silvio Berlusconi was not born in America. If he had, there is scant doubt he would  be a Republican and he would have wiped out Barack Obama in the last election. At least he was born in the country where he seeks to be elected. Oh, there are those who do not believe the man of the people can still capture the people. Yesterday, he once again proved that he knows how to woo the ordinary citizen. He announced to one and all a plan that would abolish the entire real estate tax and even pay in cash a refund to those who already have paid this burden of life. Since 80% of Italians live in their own home, this was money in the bank.

Oh, Silvio also promised an amnesty to those who never  paid any tax. OK, so this means losing $160 billion, but it sure will resonate with tax evaders. For Silvio this is his sixth attempt to become head of Italy and latest polls reveal his popularity is increasing.

We suggest the Republican party should grant Silvio honorary American citizenship and place him on the 2016 ballot along with Donald Trump. The only question remaining is can Donald trump Silvio in bullshit??