Silvio, We Missed You!

Until I heard the news from Italy I had yet to realize what has been lacking in my life over the past year. I, together with the people of Italy have spent an entire year without reading about the sexual exploits of  its leader. Silvio Berlusconi has disappeared from the public scene, but after considerable reflection, Silvio wants Italians and the world to know his hat is back in the arena of politics!

Silvio informed the media that “I am returning sadly to the public scene. Again, I am doing it from a sense of responsibility.” WOW! Just think how the media will be happy, exciting photos of Italian leaders  in bed with some teenage prostitute, gobs of  money going someplace to someone. Ah, those wonderful parties attended by scantily dressed women whose legs are not only moving on the dance floor but are also opening new entries for public figures to prove they are open to     new vistas for their penis.

Thanks Silvio!