Simple Solution Solves National Debt Problem!

There are hurried meetings in Washington D.C. these days which examine the complex issue of our national debt and our inability to create an effective health system that would ensure quality care for all in this country. Stop worrying. Harold Camping has found the solution to all of our problems and concerns. Well, actually, his solution would be terrific for 2% of the population and rather hot for the remainder. By his calculations, and he is an expert in mathematics, Harold has concluded that Jesus Christ is returning on May 21, 2011 at exactly, 6:00 p.m. I am not clear if that is eastern, midwestern, western or Chinese time, but he definitely will be coming to see all of his children. The good news is Jesus is returning, the bad news is that he will only take 2% of the human race back up there and for the rest, it will be a slow hot journey Down There.

Being Jewish, I figure since Jesus was one of us, he definitely will take most of his brothers and sisters Up There. Think about it– no more crazy talk about healthcare, taxes, wars, Muslims, and whatever. I was wondering, can the ones who are raptured UP There take along their pets? Of course, if 98% go, and we Jews and Muslims remain, we can take over the world and cease worrying about debts.