Simulating Death Camps?

I have taught over 12,000 people, including over 2,000 high school students. I was shocked to learn of the latest example of poor teaching. Teachers at the Hartford Margaret Trinity College Academy decided to conduct a “simulation”about slavery. In their version, children,including black youth were asked to “pretend” they were slaves in the South during slavery. Black children were forced to be auctioned, or to jump and dance for their “masters” of have their teeth checked by the master.

I assume the next simulation will be that of the Holocaust.We can have children strip naked, enter a room where smoke will pretend to be that of gas. We can have Christian children check the mouth of Jewish children and have the Jewish children live on 400 calories a day for a week or so. Or, we can have teachers pretend to be in a Death camp and live on 400 calories a day.

To “simulate” slavery or the Holocaust is to trivialize those events. A simulation finds an analogy to the event. It does not seek to replicate the event.