Sin Is Being Homosexual In Sweden

A school in Sweden has made it official policy by administrators and teachers that anyone who practices homosexual behavior is guilty of living in sin. Andreas Gymnasium, which services education for 16-19 year old students was charged by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate of presenting homosexuality as a sin in its teaching. The report by an inspector noted: “most of the school’s students are in agreement with the principal that homosexual acts are sinful and those who don’t think the same risk being frozen out.” The school’s principal, Therese Wallen accepted the criticism and promised ‘we have to work harder to develop our equal treatment plan.”

Apparently, the Bible is an important focus of the curriculum and this version of what is sinful or not is taught students. After admitting there was need for change, Ms. Wallen told The Local, “we treat all people equally regardless of sexuality.” One is left with the impression that Ms. Wallen is not the person to lead change in her school regarding issues pertaining to gays and lesbians.