Sing A Song Of Freedom

Hatice Sahin resides in the “democratic” nation of Turkey. He happens to be a Kurd and is proud of this heritage. Ms. Sahin aslo enjoys singing songs.  Alas, in the democratic nation of Turkey is someone of Kurdish background sings a song it raises questions as to the patriotism of the singer. “I have been in jail for nearly seven years. My sentence ran out on February 23, 2012, and I was supposed to be released. The prison administration, however, open an investigation about me due to a song I  sang in my native Kurdish language.”

I gather the issue is whether singing a song constitutes violation of “good conduct” on the part of the prisoner. I had better not go to Turkey. As a child they placed me in the “listeners” section of the auditorium due to my lousy singing.

Anyway, how about a God bless Turkey to make things sound better?