Skinheads Run Wild In Russia

It was a sunny day in Miass, a town located about 800 miles from Moscow and thousands of people were enjoying the Tornado festival when suddenly a crowd of about 100 bare chested young hooligans burst through participants and swung their iron clubs, sticks and fists at innocent people. The neo-Nazi skinheads apparently had some objection to a rock concert in their town and decided to wipe out the festivities by beating the hell out of those in attendance. Images on TV showed battered revellers and scores of skinheads laughing and beating people. The hooligans burst through security guards, pushed police aside and began their attacks on the innocent. At least one girl died in the attacks and dozens of others suffered serious wounds. In April, a Moscow court banned the far right Slavic Union whose members look to the SS as groups to emulate. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union these right wing extremists have thrived, and one can blame Prime Minister Putin whose authoritarian approach to government only provides them with a role mode.

During World War II at least 25 million Russians died at the hands of Nazi Germany, but for some strange reason their grandchildren appear to admire those who killed Russians. Ironically, the skinheads claim to be “real Russians” and wander the country behaving as “real Nazis.” Such is the state of Russia in 2010.