Skins–Reveals American Hypocrisy

A new TV series has appeared on American television which originated in England a few years ago under the name of “Skins.” The appearance of an American version of Skins which depicts teenagers smoking pot or running around in a naked mode of attire or cracking jokes about an erect penis has caused shock and dismay in conservative circles. Parents TV Council issued a warning to every American parent about this series claiming it is “the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen.” The opening audience was about 3.3 million viewers. The magazine also has a dim view as to the series known as, Teen Mom which depicts the lives of teenage mothers who married a jerk and now face the consequence of that decision. The New York Times described Teen Mom in this manner. “No pamphlet or public television ad is more likely to encourage birth control than these MTV tableaus of maternal boredom, fatigue and loneliness.” I guess we need more of teens pledging not to have sex and using the name of Jesus Christ in their promise.

If Skins is the most “dangerous” TV program for children, what does one call Glenn Beck spouting lies and encouraging violence? What does Parent term the countless films of violence and cars smashing into one another and bare chested “heroes” blowing up drug gangs with one shot? How about aliens emerging from a stomach? Of course, there is always the Palin family which has children out of wedlock and then preaches abstinence. My favorite for being the most dangerous is when a former candidate for the vice presidency of our nation encourages teens to lock and load their rifles.