Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the sky is ready to fall on top of France unless its government takes swift and effective action to ban women from wearing a full face veil. Who knows which evils will sweep through the French countryside unless women can sleep safely in their beds knowing that Muslim females are not allowed to wear the burqa or niqab. If Muslim women can cover their faces how can French males know who is desirable or who is entitled to a whistle of admiration? How can authorities allow women to wear these disguises without opening opportunities for bank robbers to steal with impunity knowing no one will be able to identify them?

The fight against the veil is not really about the rights of women to dress as they desire, it is a fight to save Western civilization against evil influences from the Muslim world. First, we will have 2,000 Muslim women among the two million in France wearing face coverings, and next we will witness the death of a bikini on the beach and after that revealing boobs on dresses! France is fighting a battle for all men who demand the right to see all. How about a ban on women wearing blouses? Why can’t we men see the real breast? It is our right!

Down with the veil, up with nudity. And, let’s make damn sure that motorcycle riders can not cover their faces!