Slash And Burn Doesn’t Work!

Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron is doing what conservative Republicans want accomplished in the United States–he is cutting government employment, he is reducing expenditures and he is raising unemployment figures in the country. Of course, American conservatives argue that if government reduces expenditures and fires thousands of people from their positions the result will be a rise in employment and a rise in economic activity. Latest figures from the United Kingdom reveal the highest unemployment numbers in 17 years and the situation is getting worse by the day. Conservative math simply does not work in the real world. Cameron refuses to invest in jobs and the result is there are now more people without jobs in his country. About 45,0000 government workers lost their positions in the past three months and even more will be fired as the Cameron axe swings even deeper in coming months.

I took math in high school from Mrs. Klingerfuss who taught that if one fires people then more are unemployed. In modern conservative math, if you fire people it leads to more being employed. David Cameron has proved that conservative math just ain’t math!