Slave Auctions In Sweden

Two student associations at Lund University in Sweden had parties in which the group of well educated college students decided to hold slave auctions. Three people with blackened faces had ropes around their necks and were led into a large hall under the guidance of a “slave trader.” People in the audience then bid for the slaves. It is unclear if any of the slaves were lynched for refusing to do as told. It is unclear if any of the slaves were women who were subsequently raped by their “owner.” Jallow Momodou of the Afro-Swedish Association gave his view about the incident. “Slavery is one of the worst crimes against humanity and students at Lund University are trying to make a joke about it. They are laughing at the fact that several millions of my ancestors were kidnapped, raped and killed.”

There is humor and their is racism. If students at Lund University are really interested in slavery, they might organize campaigns and raise money to free people in east Africa who are kept in slavery. But, then again, such action would not result in much laughter.