Slave Owners For Democracy

The nation of Mauritania was formerly a colony of France,but gained its independence and decided that it wanted to cooperate in the war against al-Qaeda and all the bad Muslims out there in Africa. If any group of people wants a few bucks and recognition as a leader in the fight against bad Muslims like al-Qaeda, just raise the banner of freedom and proclaim support for western nations like France and the USA. Mutuma Ruteere, special UN rapporteur on racism, regards the government of Mauritania as among the worse supporters of slave like conditions for people in the world. Thousands of Mauritanians live as virtual slaves to families that can rape and abuse women and childrent to their heart’s content. “you have situations where people still live with and are working for families, and where woman are forced to have sexual relations with family members–fathers and sons.”

If al-Qaeda kills a westerner then that person is a bad, bad individual, but if one of our “Allies” rapes a woman or physically abuses a person, then we gaze away at the American or French flag and pretend this is all being done in the name of National Security. God Bless Slavery as long as it is being done by OUR people!