Slavery At St. John’s University

I am a St. John”s basketball fan for over half a century so it was shocking to learn my dear beloved team is is linked to a college in which the practice of slavery is still present. I thought it was basketball players who were the slaves of those seeking to make money off their talent, but it appears Cecilia Chang, former dean of the Institute of Asian Studies and vice president for international relations enjoys having students perform her ordinary tasks of life. One student was forced to serve as a chef preparing meals at her home, another had to answer personal emails or find himself an ex-student while a third was in charge of delivering money to Ms. Chang while she was involved in gambling. Before being fired from her position, Ms. Chang wandered the world raising money for the Redmen(basketball nickname) and in the process thought it only fair that some of the money being donated to the university be donated to her personal account. Heck, she even had a student who majored in garbage removal while another student minored in snow removal.

Come to think about this, Ms.Chang is rather remarkable in the number of interesting majors she developed while a vice president at the university. She made clear to students she was “the boss” and they served her whims or exited the university. Ah, for the good old days when we only worried about who was playing center on the team, instead of today when we liked to know who is taking out the garbage at the university.