Slavery Forever

There are many people in the United States of America who still believe the Civil War was simply an act of aggression against Southern folk who just wanted the right to protect their property. Of course, their “property” included a lot of human folk who we call, “slaves.”Alabama lawyer, Jim Porter who proudly considers himself a God fearing member of the National Rifle Association, terms it “the war of Northern  aggression.” He wants folks to take their kids to rifle practice each day in order to make them ready for a war of southern aggression.

These are sick people who have no conception what slavery meant. In their view, owning a slave was simply a business  transaction and, since they are Southern folk, their ancestors had a right to trade in human beings. Even as he spoke, another man tried to shoot up the Bush International Airport in Houston and wound up killing himself.

Each American has a right to shoot and kill. Just check the Constitution!