Slavery Was Abolished In America?

The nation of Saudi Arabia is among the strongest allies of the United States of America in our fight against terrorism and Islamic militants. Saudi Arabia is ruled by a few thousand members of the royalty who believe that God ordained they should enjoy the fruits of the nation’s resources. So, they flog those who steal or cut off limbs or beat up on any daring to challenge their right rule as they desire. Meshael Alayban is a member of the royalty and decided to come to America. Naturally, she assumed what is OK in Saudi Arabia is OK in America–for those with money. Naturally, if you are a princess then the idea of  doing housework is beyond belief. So, she brought some servants with her to California.

A Kenyan woman was forced to work night and day and never leave the house. For this seven day a week job the woman was paid $220. Oh, if the Princess did not like her work, then a bit of flogging was in order. Oh, the contract signed by the Kenyan woman called for $1,600 a month for an eight hour day. Once a princess always a princess–at heart.