Sleep Peacefully, World Not Ending!

An endearing trait of conservatives in America is their concern for the end of the world. In particular, when a Democrat is president of the United States it is a certainty some Christian minister will predict the end of the world or the return of Jesus Christ to vote for Republican candidates. Harold Camping, a nice minister of Christ, has been claiming various dates on which the world will end and Jesus will descend from Heaven to lead the faithful to their deaths. Alas, poor Camping has decided to camp somewhere else when it comes to predictions.

“We must also acknowledge that we have not new evidence pointing to another date for the end of the world.” He did predict the world was ending on May 21, but, alas we are still around. “We realize that many people are hoping they will know the date of Christ’s return. We humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing.”

Bad news: Jesus is still up there.

Good news:  Jesus is still up there.

Honest, if you were Jesus Christ why in God’s name would you return to this planet filled with violence and hatred. I have a hunch Jesus listened to Republicans debate who should  be president and headed for another planet which contain intelligent life forms.