Sleep With Teenagers, Get Church Job!

It is rare these days to avoid encountering examples in religious institutions that do not avoid issues of sexual relations with those who serve members of the parish and those who are theoretically being served. A 23 year old man who worked for the Church of Sweden had sexual relations with a fourteen and a fifteen year old girl, but was given a new position despite knowledge on the part of church authorities about his conduct with girls being prepared for confirmation. The girls warned authorities, but, what the heck, all he did was seduce a couple of teenage girls. According to those who hired him, the young man was qualified, he presented himself as worthy to work for the church, and sex in the church apparently is simply another example of displaying one’s love for God.

These cases constantly emerge and one is left wondering how any church can defend sex with underage children. Oops, I forgot, in Sweden the age of consent is fifteen so the man did not violate any law of the land. One wonders if he violated a law of the church. Apparently, not.