Slice Gently

Jewish people for a few thousand years have been gently, but firmly slicing off a piece of a baby boy’s little wienie. The cutting event is ordinarily celebrated by many adults who drink and shout and laugh at the tiny little penis that has been partially dismembered. However, in the 21st century, civilized men and women decided that what  has transpired for thousands of years is some form of bestial treatment of the child.  A few German judges decided enough was enough and ordered a cease and desist of the act of circumcision that is practiced by Muslims, by Jews and other assorted folk in the world.

The German Parliament, having nothing better to do with its time entered this fray and passed a law that allows cutting off a piece of the wienie provided proper medical conditions were present, and the little boy was not subjected to brutal treatment. As a boy who endured this act of bestiality, I have to confess lacking any memory of what happened.

I await someone informing me that my prior statement is simply and act of denial. Let’s focus on some important issues, the environment, poverty, war and peace, etc…