Smear And Smokescreen-Tony Blair, Bush, Fox News

Nearly seven years have passed since George Bush and his buddy, Tony Blair unleashed the dogs of war in Iraq. We forget how during those March and April days in 2003, the White House, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Fox News, and Tony Blair shouted down anyone who dared to question the validity of what they claimed concerning WMD and the need for war. We forget charges against those opposing war as allies of al-Qaeda and disloyal Americans and Britons. We forget the non-stop Fox News campaign charging either one was for war or one was for al-Qaeda. Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK Ambassador to the United States in 2003, told the Chilcot inquiry that anyone who appeared before their group would soon confront distortion of what they said, and there would be an attempt by Tony Blair to discredit any opposing view to what he said happened in 2003.

Meyer noted that in appearing before the inquiry he noted that while at Crawford, Texas in the days leading up to the invasion, Tony Blair and George Bush spent hours together, and by the time the visit was over, the prime minister had become a fervent supporter for war. During Blair’s appearance before the Chilcot inquiry he charged Meyer was claiming to be privy to conversations of which he had no knowledge. The Blair approach is, “you turn on dissent, you distort the argument, you claim the other person said something that never was said, then you seek to discredit.. Smear and Smokescreen.”