Snowden Snows On Obama Parade

There are many who regard Barack Obama as an outstanding president. Frankly, I regard Barack Obama as among the least able political leaders in modern American history, and no incident surpasses his ineptness than the Edward Snowden episode. At this moment, Obama is arguing that he did not know about spying all over the world and wants to know how come no one told him that such activities were legal in his administration. Combine that demonstration of ignorance with the fiasco over the Affordable Care Act and one is left wondering if this leader needs people with political acumen in his administration. Edward Snowden has now offered to assist the German government in handling the spy bungling in which US spies daily checked in with the Angela Merkel phone to find out what was going on in Germany.

I have no idea how Snowden can assist Merkel, but most probably he will turn up some further evidence of spying some place that Obama never heard about. We have been told by informed sources that President Obama has his phone under surveillance by the National Security Agency. If is good enough for all world leaders, why not for Obama??