So Long, Been Good To Know You

The Texas Nationalist Movement(TNM) is composed of red blooded Christian folk who inhabit the state which has oil, rich  people, and lots of anger toward the res of this nation. Around 200 stood  on the steps of the capitol building in Austin shouting “Libery or Death.” In their view being able to shout hatred toward the American government is still further proof that freedom of speech has disappeared from their lives. They have shouted, they have used Internet, they have petitioned for the righ to secede and live among those of the Christian faith in some part of Texas -or maybe the entire state– where they no longer will be pestered by those liberal communists and Jews and blacks  who now control THEIR NATION!

Daniel Miller, head of the TNM) says his people want OUT from the mess they currently inhabit. They want an end to taxes, to government health care, to Social Security, to Medicare and blacks holding important government positions in their white America. Miller wants to become governor of Texas, secede and have a government led by real Americans!

So long, its been good to know you all…